Ever since 2010, Cali Crusher Grinders has already been making its name in the grinder market. From then, they have constantly built their solid reputation for their design and as well as grinding quality. This particular grinder can actually be found easily in retail stores, smoke shops, and even in e-commerce markets. If you want an excellent value for money kind of grinder, then you might want to try the Cali Crusher. Now, in this Cali Crusher Review, we will have introduce you further into its details.


Since all of the weed grinders available in the market today almost have the same features, finding the right herb grinder for you is such a tough challenge. By defining the features of the grinder, we will be able to know the special features that the Cali Crusher have that others do not. As follows are the grinder’s detailed features:


One of the strong feature that would make a grinder be likeable by users is with its type of material. With a good quality aluminum, the Cali Grinder user would never have to worry about scratching their grinder from any sudden drops. The teeth have durable, plentiful and very sharp edges.

In order for the pieces of the grinder to stay in tack, neodymium magnets are used to the keep it together. The Cali Grinder’s Homegrown grinders have medical grade aluminum that has been ultrasonically cleaned before they are packed and then shipped. However, the materials of each Cali Crusher Grinders are not all the same, it may vary depending on the model. Though it may have different materials, the grinders can still perform well and provide consistent outcome.


With the number of models that the Cali Crusher have, each have its own design. This particular grinder has diamond-shaped teeth that would help grind down the herb. With its Homegrown Grinders, it involves Quicklock technology that will eliminate trading the grinders. When you examine the Cali Crusher cruiser, you will see how you can maximize the number of herb that the grinder can take.

Aside from that, the screen of the Cali Crusher is removable. It also comes with bottom kief collector kind of chamber. Those clear top grinders are obviously made of clear plastic that allows the user to continue with the grinding the herb. It can be observed how the grinder has a unique appearance unlike those common herb grinders available in the market.

Most of the weed grinders today does not really produce grinders with different types unlike the Cali Crusher. This Cali Crusher is one that has variety of models, prices, sizes and as well as colors.

Aside from those mentioned goods, it also has a lifetime warranty. So, no matter how many times you use this grinder, you will not have to worry if it breaks as the manufacturer is very much willing to replace or give you full-money back refund.


It has been mentioned how the Cali Crusher have different varieties, from colors down to the sizes. However, this makes the performance of each of the model of the grinder unpredictable because of the varieties. In general, if you try the Cali Crusher grinder, you will witness how smooth the grinder cut-down the herb.


The Homegrown grinders of Cali Crusher are much expensive with a 2.35 inch diameter compared to the standard grinder with 2 inch diameter. There are some unique features with the Homegrown grinders, but it does not seem to justify the expensive tag of the grinder. If you have extra bucks, it would be better to buy a Black Tie Grinder instead of buying the standard Cali Crusher grinderwhich is half an inch bigger than the former.


The good thing about the Cali Crusher Grinder is having a Sturdy top. The teeth sharpness is also a plus as it can finely grind the herb. With the micron count screen, even the finest residue of herb can be filtered. Aside from that, the handy scraper that it comes with can help the user to easily clean the screen. Performance wise, it gives fine residue that is what the weed grinder user aims for. The variance of colors that you can choose from is also an additional positive feature of the Cali Crusher grinder.


Cali Crusher Grinder does not only have a single model, there are varieties that you could choose. However, despite its variation, it still has its own drawbacks. The main setback of this grinder is the price, especially the Homegrown grinders of Cali Crusher. It is just the right grinder for those that do not use grindereveryday. If you are a frequent user of herb grinder, then you might want to the Space Case instead.


Materials:            4 / 5

Design:                                 4 / 5

Performance:    4 /5

Price:                     2 / 5