When it comes to wedding flowers, they really can make a wedding reception pop with magical effects and beautiful colors. When tying your wedding reception venue together, there are some flowers that simply are the best at their gorgeous job. Below are some of our favorite blooms to make your special day just that much sweeter!


While some don’t think this flower is very posh, the carnation is absolutely gorgeous. These beautiful flowers have one lovely effect as a centerpiece when they are bunched as an arrangement in one color. This long-lasting and inexpensive flower can be affixed to a foam ball core and simply be placed on the table or in a vase for a three-dimensional effect on longer reception tables. Since carnations come in a stunning variety of shades, you could create centerpieces out of a single color of a variety of shades!


Hydrangea are simply stunning thanks to both their variety of colors and their long stem that creates full, lush centerpieces. The large and full flower heads fill a large amount of space, making centerpiece arrangement look lush, but be far less expensive when it’s all said and done.

Gerbera Daisies

The gerbera daisy in low, tight-packed centerpieces are simply stunning. These bright colored flowers are available all year round’ in an array of bright colors that make a table pop in low or dimly set romantic lights.

Garden Roses

Beautiful, full and lush the garden rose sure makes one sweet statement on any table for a wedding. Inexpensive compared to classic roses from a florist; these full blooms are just as lovely. They also come in a variety of colors and are best packed tight together in various shades of the same color.


A non-traditional wedding flower, this beautiful bloom can add a pop of color to stunning effect. Single blooms are often the way to go for a very sweet minimal effect. These full blooms look stunning under a wine glass for a romantic, floral candelabra effect, or floating in water for a whimsical look!

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Garnishing Your Centerpieces

Adding the final touches to your floral bouquets will make or break your centerpieces. Many people add other items such as long wedding sparklers or confetti cannons to their vases to make the centerpieces more interesting for the guests. You can decorate your wedding sparklers with ribbons or tags to make them more suitable for your centerpieces.

No matter which flowers you choose for your wedding, your centerpieces are bound to be beautiful if you put in the final touches. Choose a nice looking vase, take your time putting them together, and add a few fun items for the guests to create wedding centerpieces that people will remember for years to come.