It’s not surprising anymore that inbound marketer needs to generate more offers and content. Without these two major assets, lead generation could be a daunting task. More importantly, in every offer, online marketers should also create new landing page that suits it perfectly.

But the thing is, there are some landing tweaks that can make it better than before. Take a look on the following tweaksmost landing page design agencyrecommends:

Create a catchy headline.

Attention-grabbing headline will clearly tell your audience what your offers is all about. Without it, your visitors wouldn’t know what they’ll receive through filling up the form.

Make it clear. Take a look on its language and prominence. Utilize a header tag and make it bold. As much as possible, use intense adjectives, verbs, and keywords.

Enhance the submit button text of your form.

As per Science of Lead Generation, most of the landing pages which have submit buttons with label ‘Submit’ generate lower rate of conversion than using other similar phrase or terms like Click Here.

Social sharing buttons for the win!

If you want to boost up your lead generation, you shouldn’t forget adding social sharing buttons. These can significantly help extending easily the reach of your offer. Since your landing page visitors do have their own set of contact networks (mostly are not in yours), there’s a great chance they can help expand your reach outside your direct network.

Get the most out of the white spaces

Believe it or not, empty or white space can make or break the conversion in your landing page. This may sound funny, but white space enhances the page elements in several ways. Say for instance, it aids you in organizing design elements, making it less cluttered and more appealing.

Add a relevant hero image.

When you say hero image, it pertains to the main image on your landing page. Add images which suits with your offer if you still don’t have one. But if you already have one, alter it to be more relevant.

Short copies are better.

Remember, you are into creating a landing page, not a blog post. You have to shorten your copy to show your readers the value of your offer. Say for instance, you are involved in internet marketing for doctors, you can simply write around 100 words or fewer as your landing page description. This description should allow them to read and comprehend what you are up to and be encourage to purchase or to convert.

Get rid any unnecessary distractions.

Page elements like follow-me modules, navigation menus and etc., shouldn’t exist in your landing page. If you know you have one of these things in your page, eliminate these immediately or else, your visitors will leave your page right prior on converting them.

Use bullet.

Bullet can also help you get more conversion. Landing page should be  direct to the point, brief, and enticing. By adding bullet, it can boost the performance of your landing page since it helps in making it easier to read.

Better see how these landing page tweaks can do to your conversion rates. You’ll be surely happy with the results!