These days, many people are looking to remake their bathrooms in order to create a rustic feel. This is one of the most popular trends in home design, and it is easy to see why if you take a look at some of the beautiful rustic bathroom accessories featured in this list. Note that all of the items on this list look rustic but are actually modern, which means they will work better and last longer. Also, pieces that look like antiques are much easier on your wallet than actual antique pieces. If you’d like to give your bathroom a trendy retro feel, check out the list below.

Copper sink basins

One of the defining characteristics of a truly rustic look is a copper sink basin, Copper basins were ubiquitous in the bathrooms of older homes, especially rural homes. These basins often have an attractive hand-made look, which is one of the central aspects of its rustic design.Image result for 5 Rustic Bathroom Accessories You Need For Your Cabin

Vintage-look bathtubs

Another one of the most noticeable items in a rustic bathroom is a vintage-look bathtub. These tubs are sometimes made out of copper like the basins, but can also be made out of steel or porcelain. Many have “clawfeet” which are metal supports that hold the tub above the floor, instead of it being flush with the surface. True vintage bathtubs can be incredibly expensive, which is why many people purchase new bathtubs that have this look instead of true antiques.

Exposed brick or stonework

Exposed brick or stonework walls are a universal part of a rustic look, no matter which room of the house you find them in. While people may not associate exposed masonry with the bathroom, this look is becoming extremely trendy as of late. Of course, not every bathroom is a candidate for this look. There has to be bricks or stonework to expose in the first place. If there is, the process to expose it is relatively cheap and simple.

Stone or stone-look tiles 

Another essential component of a retro bathroom is stone tiling. Many people these days use ceramic tiles that look nearly identical to real stone tiles. They are much less expensive, and require much less maintenance. Real stone tiles are cost-prohibitive for those on a budget, and must be maintained painstakingly to ensure that they stay in top shape.  Most people do not find real stone tiles to be worth it when they see how realistic the ceramic tiles can be.

Stained glass windows 

Adventurous homeowners may want to try stained glass windows instead of normal bathroom windows. Stained glass provides the same level of privacy as run of the mill frosted bathroom windows, but has a much more striking look. Those looking to make a real statement might want to consider this option. Nobody will forget these windows.