The comeback of the Murphy bed

The last couple of years the Murphy bed has made a comeback. If you don’t know what a Murphy bed is, it’s a bed that you can fold up against the wall to hide it away during the daytime.

Especially in these days of financial crisis, a lot of people find themselves struggling to stay in their houses, and some may have to move in to smaller spaces eventually. Here a Murphy bed can certainly be a smart solution!

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The story about the wall bed system

William Murphy initially invented it and he was the very first one to build the system. His bed would fold up against the wall and hide inside the closet. The reason he built this bed was to impress a young woman whom he wanted to marry and it worked. The young couple got married a few years later.

William Murphy later patented the system and he built the first Murphy bed Company in the US.

The system became a great success and he sold lots of units all over America. But later this trend faded and he didn’t have as much success anymore, but during the crisis in the 30s and also the current crisis in America the Murphy beds really have sold a lot of units all over the place.

Murphy bed with Dining table / Office desk /Kitchen table

The comeback..

Today you can find the Murphy beds in most furniture stores across America. If you walk into the furniture store and ask for a Murphy bed system you would probably get a lot of different models to choose from.

The variety of different bed systems has also increased a lot. Today you can find beds that will fill it up against the wall like the traditional Murphy bed, and you can also find a lot of other creative solutions like a bed that will flip up and twist around to review shelving units. Other types will include a desk, a sofa or other creative solutions.

New models and new ideas

A lot of new companies have emerged all over the US and Europe with different systems and solutions to hide away the bed during daytime. When you search online today, you get 100k+ results with intelligent ideas and ways to save space in your tiny house or small apartment.

New beds include models with tables in front, couches below, shelving units etc. Here are some of the more creative Murphy beds on the market today:


This model has a desk in front, and when the bed is folded up, you can use the desk for homework, work or just for decorations, and nobody will guess what you hide inside that closet.

Sideways mounted bed


For the kids room a sideways mounted bed (horizontal Murphy bed) is a good solution. It’s easier for the kids to flip it up, and when they are small they will love not having to make the bed everyday. Nobody can see it anyway :)

How to live well on a tight budget

If you like many of us are trying to live on a tight budget these years, here’s a few helpful tips for you to get started. Community and good ideas are always welcome in transition phases – and financial chances are no different!

After the crisis a lot of us need to cut costs, to be able to catch new opportunities.

skipping a car

Consider getting rid of the extra car. More often than not it’s possible to borrow the van of your neighbor whenever you need the big car. It really helps on the budget when you can cut a car or maybe two. Maybe you can find work closer to your house that you can actually get to without a car, just try to calculate how much less you have to work if you skip a car in the household.

Downsize your space

Another frugal tip can be to downsize to a smaller apartment. You will be amazed to find out how quickly you can adapt to a smaller apartment. It’s actually cozy and nice, when you get rid of some stuff and move into a smaller space.

The next two tips concern your space, and will help you live well in a smaller space.

Skipping a bedroom

Many of us still have that extra bedroom for whenever Aunt Annie comes by. But there is a good solution to that when you read the next tip.



Instead of having that extra bedroom ready at all time, you can choose to install a Murphy bed in the living room of your apartment. That’s solution really gives you an unique opportunity to downsize your space to one less bedroom.

You know longer have to keep an extra room just in case somebody drops by, now that you can transform your living room into an extra bedroom, in just a few seconds.

Install shelves everywhere

Another good idea is to keep storage above ground. For example inside the toilet you don’t have to store stuff on the ground and around the sink. You can easily install shelves above the door and you can also choose to hang your towels on the inside of the door. This will leave you some extra space around the sink and on the floor so you don’t feel like the place is too stuffed and crammed.


(Picture from

I hope you could use these small tips. Feel free to leave a comment below, if you have any additional tips to share with us all. Thank you for stepping by and reading all the way to the bottom of this post have an awesome day.

Office furniture companies merging during global crisis

The industry for office furniture is rapidly moving online at the moment. More and more designer furniture icons are now available online, and expensive products you wouldn’t think about buying online a decade ago are now shipped everyday.

This is only a natural thing, as white goods has moved online, paving the way for heavy goods to be shipped and logistics being setup to handle items like sofas, office chairs and other furniture.

10 years ago few would believe, that you could actually sell products like these online, because you need to feel and touch first, but convenience has been a growing factor in the e-commerce industry, and it seems like everything is moving online at the moment.

Scandinavian office furniture companies merging

One of the big players in the Scandinavian market for office furniture: Holmris, has recently merged with a handful of other Scandinavian furniture design companies like Flexform, Wigandt and Schultz, Danfurn, JPH Concept and Reidarsborg.


The new company is called Holmris Flexform, and together the companies stand strong in the European market for designer furniture, and especially within the professional segment of office furniture.

The first merge didn’t include Flexform, but now a half year later Flexform also joined the party. At the same time they have established an online webshop department, and is now shipping furniture online as well as offline.

Not an unique case

A lot of companies choose to merge together during financial crisis,  and if we look at another industry: the bank industry, this has most certainly been the case. Many small banks have been part of bigger banks, and for obvious reasons. First and foremost because the population in general trust the bigger banks more, and being a small bank during a crisis can be tough.


Several smaller banks has closed, and by merging (or get acquired) by bigger banks, smaller players can regain trust and secure a future in an even more competitive landscape.

According to this article, another reason for the increasing number of mergers is also due to increasing cost for smaller banks. Regulations and paperwork is already a big issue for small banks, as they have to keep up and meet new standards and reporting routines in these times, and that can be both time consuming and costly.

So in order to save cost and survive smaller banks have to get together to be able to compete in tomorrows post-crisis financial sector.